Purple Rockstar
Purple Rockstar

Purple Rockstar


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Product Description

Purple Rockstar now at Cheebas. This flower is as rare and unique as its appearance and THC level. This bud can put off THC in the 27-31% range with many saying 33% can be reached.

Check the pictures... it is gorgeous like nothing we have had. This is a classic indica smoke with about 30% sativa to balance it out a bit. A cross between BC Rockstar X OG Kush. The house testers said the same, the high is a powerful body stone with awareness. Not cerebral but like you know everything is happening but in a dream that is happening to a person telling you a story. What the hell? This slams your brain into a blissfully unfocused happy state with a heavy body stone that is not couch-locked but you're stoned.

Remember the high levels of THC, this will last awhile so set some time aside.