QNTM 1g Vape Cartridges Assorted Flavors

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Product Description

QNTM Vape Carts. Standard 510 threading. 1ML

Five Flavors

Blue Raspberry







Shereen 2021-10-28 09:30:30

My husband normally doesn’t smoke these 510 cartridges with me because they make him cough like crazy. I smoke em whether or not they make me cough haha! This is the only one he will smoke because they’re smooth as hell, no coughing involved. I ordered the root beer and right after he tried it, he said “Order more”.

miss galaxy 2021-04-06 01:19:55

These QNTM cartridges are sweet - got the coconut flavour - quality product & the cart has a little slider so u can regulate the puff. The product is smooth & the whomever designed the packaging did a great job. I see its currently on sale - a $uper deal cuz its a full cart - better go order some more...