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Rockstar Tuna


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Product Description

Rockstar Tuna a beauty of a new strain making its rounds these days. Rockstar is loved everywhere, now add the heavy-hitting Indica dominant Tuna Kush, you are in for a potent high. While technically a hybrid it belongs in the indica section. What's the saying a zebra can't change its stripes. Something like that.

The high comes on fast and hits with all the classic Kush Indica characteristics you love. Euphoric, dreamy, and deeply relaxing. The house tester loved it. The high was intense but doesn't fade into couch lock. Sit back and enjoy the diesel, skunky dirty earthiness.

Rockstar Tuna is a great choice for nighttime use, it will stimulate your appetite and help with sleep. If you suffer from pain Rockstar Tuna is a good choice for you.

This can be too intense for new smokers.