Royale With Cheese x 5

Royale With Cheese x 5


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Product Description

The latest Cheeba Cone is our finest creation- a ready-to-smoke hash cone that makes you feel like you're in a hot tub. The real Afghani Cream Hash gives a beautiful body high, while the Rolex OG and Cheese fight between motivated and couch-locked.

3 cones per pack, not 5 like the Cheeba Cones. The hash makes this a hand-crafted process.

You'll have an hour or so of an all-over body tingling sensation, followed by deep relaxation.

This is a nighttime smoke for the serious stoner. A unique innovation brought to you by Cheeba's.

Each cone weighs just under 1 gram, with a quarter gram of hash per cone. ('Nah man, they got the metric system, they have no idea what the [email protected]&k a quarter pounder is...')

Each cone is handcrafted and isn't shy on the hash.


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