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Same Same but Different
Same Same but Different

Same Same but Different

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Same Same but Different / Better - made with Burmese Kush

If you have traveled to South East Asia you will have heard their famous saying every tourist hears - Same Same but different / better.

This is from the same guys known for Kings Crown so we are expecting same same but different / better from this new hash. Known for being a hybrid strain the hash will be calming and creative, great for uplifting spirits (we all need this now). The backside of the experience can bring a powerful body high that can and will leave you couch locked if you smoke too much.

Soft and sticky in texture, easy to work with and an aroma that is sweet and gassy. We can't travel so enjoy a little getaway and remember the times you did travel while enjoying some hash.

Used for sleep and anxiety and loss of appetite which means keep some snacks around.




Shawn 2021-02-23 10:21:16

Good hash nice buzz but to harsh for my liking

Kari 2021-02-22 06:30:31

These guys that make the King's Crown and these other variants are awesome Hash makers. Loved the King's Crown and the King's Crown Cream and this one follows suit. Nice flavor with high potency. Smokes clean, a little sticky but easy enough to work with.

DeanW 2021-02-24 06:30:54

good tasting and strong but as everyone else says a bit harsh...

trailman 2021-02-17 12:11:30

Pretty good for a premium hash, but a little harsh for my taste. This product is soft and sticky enough to pressed back together again.