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Product Description

All business needs to pay attention to what the customers changing attitudes are, we are no different. Our customers love the weed blowout page and saving money while getting a good amount of smoke but also want to save on ounces of all the flower in our regular lineup. The best flower at incredible prices.


This batch has that dank smell exclusive to Cheese. The high is a euphoric and focused Sativa-esque experience. You'll be able to do work, art, or just function while smoking Chiesel.

OG Kush

For all those who have waited and love the strain that became the go-to weed the world over and was used to create so many other strains, enjoy.

The notes are diesel, skunk, and spice buds are medium-sized buds and the smoke is known to be classic indica, and a little on the harsh side. With THC levels kicking around 20-25%.

Death Bubba

Is a fantastic strain that’s a favorite amongst growers and smokers alike! It’s a great body numbing high, with a fun head high that hits first and lasts well into the tiring body buzz of the potent Indica lineage it comes from. Death Bubba is a great choice for night time use, it will stimulate your appetite and help with sleep. If you suffer from pain Death Bubba is a good choice for you.


This hybrid leans to the Indica side but doesn't have a couch-locking effect. Not the best strain for daytime smoking (if you have things to do) but works awesome if you just want to chill out and not melt into place.

This is loved everywhere for a reason, enjoy today and melt stress away

Sour Diesel

Why is Sour Diesel so hard to find?!? I love this strain, and we rarely come across it. This Sativa packs a crazy cerebral punch! Invigorating and mentally stimulating, if you can handle it. This a legit harvest, and isn't meant for beginners. Great nose! gotta love that Diesel dank.


This is a much sought-after cannabis strain. Near celebrity status in part due to its pleasurable buzz but also from is unique terpene concentrations. Tasty, chill smooth high, there is never a bad time to enjoy Mimosa.

4 Star General

Indica dominant Four-Star General by Fire Bros is a beautifully potent mix of Tres Dawg and Star Dawg (2 Chem Dawg variants) This flower is excellent for nighttime and becoming one with the couch. I found I was lulled into a deep sleep and made it all the way until the morning.

Kosher Kush

The flower packs a punch now a hash, yikes. The high is euphoric, with strong body effects, and deeply relaxing. Couchlock seems a guarantee for all who enjoy it. Famous for its flavor and the ability to transcend you into complete serenity. Enjoy a sweet pine almost citric aroma with a hit of diesel. Surprisingly sweet,





Gord 2022-04-23 06:23:43

5 out 5, grabbed 2 oz of MAC, absolutely blown away the quality of bud for the price! Got it on sale yet too 5 stars nice work cheebas