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Sour Dream Sativa Hash by Hash Assassins

Premium Domestic Hash

SKU: 45-124-2434
  • Availability: In Stock

    $420.00 ($15.00/Gram)

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Product Description

Heads Up Sativa Hash Lovers.

Sour Dream is a strong-leaning Sativa dominant strain that is the beauty of a daytime hash smoke you've been looking for. A cross of Blue Dream X Sour Diesel you know the high is going to be happy, euphoric, and great for social activities. Do you have chores to do that are better buzzed or errands to run, people to meet, Of course, you do... this is go-to for all those activities and more.

The flavor is strong, pungent with diesel and berry notes. Like all Hash Assassins hash options, this is made with a premium base material, by artisans using traditional methods in small craft batches. There are never many options for Sativa hash, when one this good comes along jump and run.




Edzzzz 2022-05-08 12:03:52

Fabulous everything just turns into a dreamy state of bliss. Smooth af could not be better. Can’t heat it just bubbles and melts. Finger pressure makin ribbons is about the only way to break this up. Did I mention it’s absolutely perfect. Thanks again.

Shawn 2022-04-21 05:34:37

Agreed this hash is insanely good really hope it stays on the menu the blue dream taste is there with a tinged of sour diesel its just a perfect mix definitely 5 star premium hash

Steve 2022-04-13 11:20:05

this is the best hash I've ever had. will absolutely order again