Strawberry Banana Sift Hash
Strawberry Banana Sift Hash

Strawberry Banana Sift Hash

Sift Hash

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Product Description

Sift Hash at Cheebas

Cheebas just got in a great selection of Sift Hash. Sift Hash is made in an artisanal approach and is appreciated for its terpene profile, potency, and how it completely melts and vaporizes.

The manufacture sent us the best of Zkittlez, Pink Kush, Crumpets, Strawberry Banana, and Wheres My Bike all available here. Enjoy this easy smoking hash with a clear banana taste. Sprinkle a little into your joints or smoke on its own in a bowl or vaporizer. 

Choose your favorite or take the easy way and enjoy them all. 



Aquarius 2020-04-07 05:51:11

Super heavy, dank smell, not quite fruity, but still delicious! The kind of dank that makes you sweat a bit from a quick whiff. Very soft, yet still a little sticky. 9/10 Rating. Mellow & Relaxing high.

YOyo 2020-08-03 11:08:03

Smells and taste nice. The high is chill, it's more kief than hash.