Sugar & Cream
Sugar & Cream

Sugar & Cream


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Product Description

Sugar & Cream at Cheebas

There is a lot that needs to happen to bring this strain to you.

This is a cross between Sugar Cookie X Cookies & Cream. Sugar Cookie itself is a cross between three strains, these strains deliver the strong resinous qualities and the tropical fruit and berry flavors plus an Indica dominant experience. Cookies and Cream have different parents again that deliver a balanced hybrid that's good for the day unless you smoke too much. Then its night night.

Simply put this is a great-tasting smoke that delivers an Indica leaning high that's great for chilling after work on a patio saying good by to the days' stresses.



Supernatural1971 2020-06-23 11:37:29

Crystal Gayle, GSC ,Poison OG Kush. Blue Heron, & Starfighter= Cream & Sugar Crème sucre = yes lots going on! Very smooth taste 7.77 roasted coloured marsh mellow . Sight Triangle dense nice sized buds in 7g. Aroma Lemonhead candy, Tropical life savers after busted! 10 Effects creeper 9 + = Focused, creative, Social T & Hungry Sat/ IND Munchies Great for Eating disorder/ nausea/ ADHD/ OCD Orr If u want a nice balance high! 3pm Nice Mood! If u enjoy Cookies, Vanilla Kush (Vodka) Sensi * & Blu strains, this amazing HIghbryd is 4 u!