THC Gummies SATIVA 3x Strength Tetra


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Product Description

That's right, 30mg THC per gummy!

Only for the experienced user, these things are strong!



Cheeba's is your place for weed gummies!


These TETRA Organics Gummies are delicious and turbo-charged with 30mg of SATIVA THC per gummy.

With 4 in each pack, you're looking at a great value for potent edibles. 

They taste great, and 1 candy is a easy to eat half of if you want to start with a smaller dose. And that's a good idea, they high lasts for a couple hours and is a mid-level spacey, fun high.

Great for incognito medicating. Mixed fruit flavour. 






Trailman 2019-05-01 04:22:04

Took only 1 to start, and i found it very good for musical creativity. Took another while doing a 4 hour nature walk....great stuff.

Nadia 2019-03-18 12:33:22

Exactly as advertised, very strong

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