Tegeridy Farms - Pink OG Hash
Tegeridy Farms - Pink OG Hash

Tegeridy Farms - Pink OG Hash

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Tegridy Farms dropped this rare Pink Kush AKA Pink OG Indica dominant hybrid cured hash in our laps and we are so happy to offer it to you.

If you have tried Tegridy Farms hash your used to the aroma of, sticky rich hard-hitting cured hash. These are made with premo indoor-grown flower and smoke true to the strain. Since the starter material is such high quality the final product packs a much bigger punch than the imports. If that's important to you.

I wish you could smell and touch this hash, that would be all you need. Intoxicating sweet vanilla, earthy spice, and an indescribable freshness.

This is a strong Indica with a touch of Sativa so expect strong body effects. The taste and aroma are like the smell, spicy delicate but rich. These boys don't mess around with their craft. It will start oddly euphoric and happy and move your relentless towards that strong body high and just a floating feeling. If your reading this you win.

These are small-batch offerings, enjoy while here.





Nicko 2021-03-21 01:51:08

Ce n’est pas mon préféré :( C’est la première fois que je suis déçu Surtout pour le prix vraiment trop élevé , et il était supposé être collant , je dirais beaucoup plus sableux