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Captain Crunch Berry 7g Hybrid Herban Legands


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Product Description

Captain Crunch Berry is known by many names - Crunchbery, Captain Crunch, Crunch Berry Kush - but is the first time at Cheebas. This is an Indica leaning hybrid (70% / 30%) with mid-range THC. The strain is an aroma and flavor powerhouse. Sweet fresh and citrus with hints of vanilla and a taste that sticks with you long after the smoke is done. The exhale delivers an intoxicating aroma that is spicy with a fresh pine... altogether a real treat.

The effects are uplifting, creative but the indica side of this will demand that you won't want to do much in the way of chores or be productive. It lends itself to a great smoke for the daytime on your day off. Creative and easy to enjoy.  Seem like a perfect way to spend a day in the park or at the lake if you're so lucky.



Neville 2021-06-14 09:16:07

Perfect flower IMO. Cured and potent. I'm going to keep the can too since it looks so cool.