Tegridy Farms - Girl Scout Cookies
Tegridy Farms - Girl Scout Cookies

Tegridy Farms - Girl Scout Cookies

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Tegridy Farms brings us another great addition to our Premium Domestic lineup.

Girl Scout Cookies the flower is loved by people everywhere and now we bring you a hash made from this loved strain. This is the hash you can't stop smelling, you will want candles to smell like it and it to be the scent of your home. It is sticky, with soft layers giving off an aroma of diesel and earthy-sweet spice. All this from the artisans at Tegridy Farms, the name you know, love, and should have email reminders on to check the site cause these small-batch hash options do not stick around.

It will smoke true to the strain. It's a hybrid mutt with a few parents but produces powerful body effects with full-body relaxation. It is a treat and clearly worked into a fantastic hash by people who care about what they do for almost a year.

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Steve 2021-04-08 04:59:20

Nice gigly hash and tast great , thanks cheeba .

Dom 2021-03-23 12:58:20

Well made nice hash ,girls scout cookies hash smells amazing taste smooth smokes nice. Expensive but worth a taste.