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Tegridy Farms - Hindu Kush

Premium Domestic Hash

SKU: 45-64-2156
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    $392.00 ($14.00/Gram)

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Product Description

Tegridy Farms Hindu Kush Hash at Cheebas

What's in a name? If you love hash and appreciate the craft and the artistry that goes into producing what is the best Domestic hash then there is a lot in a name. Now add the Hindu Kush and there are standards to live up to!...turns out they were onto something :)

This is a creamy, beautiful-smelling hash that the guys at tegrity farms can be proud of! A pure Indica hash with a subtly sweet, earthy sandalwood spicy aroma. Expect a deep sense of calm and relief from pain and stress. Even the non-hash smokers in the office love the aroma.

Cheeba's doesn't steer you wrong with hash, this is another example of that!



Shawn 2022-03-28 12:30:31

Truly taste like Hindu kush and Hindu kush is one of my favorite weed to smoke so when I seen this I had to have it and I'm a big fan of tegridy farm hash this hash leave a very beautiful after taste and its a great indica high I love this shit ty tegridy farm and cheebas you guys are truly the best hash site there is and do have to say the hash from assassin is top notch also I'm starting to have a very nice collection because I am aging a 7 of each hash I bought I was thinking of vacuum sealing all of it so its properly stored ty so much you guys are the best I planning to go to bc this summer so if possible I'll be passing by to get a crazy order since I'll be able to look at it there in person

Marty McFly 2022-02-04 06:24:41

Wish I could have gotten more! Also wish it would have not passed in my washer, was so stoned I did not check my pockets. There was so much options and I wanted to try. My favorite with the skittles. Smell is excellent. Texture is perfect. Buzz is fantastic.

Cruster 2021-09-01 11:02:10

Devine intervention. Just what I needed. Get it when you can.

hashman 2021-05-25 08:28:27

THE description catch me..,,I will expect more from tegridy its a good one ,its a quality clean product: by the way when i said i expect more it was about to compare to my aghan kush(its close but i prefer my genetics ,little bit much tasted,) But i m fair player tester and i give 5 star ! Cheebas you guys on precision scale :BOMBACLOCK nice job man big love;)

Steve 2021-05-09 10:57:29

Verry god tasting ans a creeper ,gets you realy buzzed ,dont be fooled its a creeper .

OldTimer71 2021-08-05 05:22:56

Was not impressed by this particular one and I'm usually a big fan of Tegridy Farm. It was good quality hash but I did not get a strong body buzz like I expected from hash.