Tegridy Farms - L. Lohan
Tegridy Farms - L. Lohan

Tegridy Farms - L. Lohan

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

If you are reading this and appreciate the fine artistry that goes into making hash then you have found domestic hash heaven.

Tegridgy Farms have delivered once again. This batch of L.Lohan hash has been curing for almost a year. The aroma, stickiness, feel and experience is second to now. Tegridy has four options and punches far out of its weight class.

The hash reaches out to you with it's spicy, complex aroma that you can't get enough of. This is a balanced hybrid and will smoke true to the strain Trainwreck and LA Confidential. She had a breakdown you will celebrate with this hash.



Hughie 2021-01-07 06:48:56

Just got this today, first order after a long search for good hash and I'm not disappointed. The cure really brings out the depth of the flavour and although it's a heavy, potent smoke it's very smooth with immediate results. I'll be back very soon, muchos gracias Cheeba's.

Spark 2020-12-14 01:25:08

Sticky. I felt it.

TropiCannibis Todd 2020-12-10 12:45:16

This one had a very strong aroma , very smooth and burns clean , awsome well made hash a solid 9 ..... Seems all the hashes from tegridy farms are excellent..... well done Cheebas for the variety

Wildbill 2020-12-10 12:45:10


Paul 2020-12-06 08:01:38

Extremely happy with this choice. Very sticky. Super taste and effect. Heat does not help break this up, just heat from hands is enough. Will purchase again.

hashman 2020-11-30 09:26:36

They get good product Sorry mister they Make a good product ! i have to admit ..your hash it a real home hash whos maked with a good flower for sure ...its good quality and good tasting too but i prefer the bluebubba its betta4mi

Steve 2020-11-24 11:03:54

L lohan , trainwreck all right !! I dont no what else to say lol , its relly nice stuff man, thanks sheeba and the other gyes loll good one !!!