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Pink X Rockstar by Tegridy Farms

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Pink X Rockstar by Cheebas

If you are reading this and appreciate the fine artistry that goes into making hash then you have found premium domestic hash heaven.

Tegridgy Farms have delivered once again. This batch of pink x Rockstar hash has been curing for almost a year. The aroma, stickiness, feel and experience is second to now. Tegridy hash options punches far out of its weight class.

The hash reaches out to you with its sweet earthy spicy, complex aroma that you can't get enough of. An Indica dominant strain that is like wrapping yourself with the coziest blanket for your mind. Deeply relaxing and calming from head to toe. This potent hash does it all, smokes true to the strain, and potent. Smoke too much and couch lock is guaranteed.





Dan 2021-07-06 11:58:11

Sur la coche pour relaxer smooth buzz et puissant sans effet indésirable .faite par des pro félicitations .