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Product Description

Power Plant comes from South African roots, developed by the Dutch and once available became an instant success. Now the team over at Tegridy Farms got their fingers on it and here we go. Can collection, 7gr of the freshest AAAA weed

This is a powerful Sativa dominant experience that is happy, creative, and euphoric but be carefully the high THC content of approximately 24% can be too just too intoxicating for some. Make no mistake this will take you on a euphoric ride and creativity will flow.

With Meduim size buds, a deep woody smell and strong pepper taste, indoor smokers have been notified.



Raj 2021-06-14 10:43:12

PERFECT NUGZ! crazy how great this tin was! Powerful high that didn't leave me burnt out, and the density of the bud was so perfect...great stuff!