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Sunday Driver by Tegridy Farms

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Tegridy Farms - Sunday Driver aka Sundae Driver

The boss just picked up 7 new Hash options from the Craft Hash Artisans over at Tegridgy Farms. Like any premium brand, they are consistent and never mail in a batch because we're out. It takes time to produce these amazing hash options. We are confident you will love them.

Like all of Tegridy Farms hash options, we know the strain or the base that is used to make the product. The aroma is a mix of diesel sweet pine notes, mellow and refined like a fine wine. An evenly balanced strain with moderate THC levels is a perfect choice for hash. Deeply relaxing, perfect for after work. Immediate euphoric sensation will wash over you with pleasant happiness.

Made in small batch quantities, the soft sticky hash can bend and twist forever, enjoy the delightful flavor while the room fills with a sweet-spicy aroma.



Shawn 2021-07-14 03:07:23

Space cadet here i am stone out of my tree. Great taste real nice after taste the buzz is out of this world stuck on not sure which planet to stone to tell lol. I bought 6 different kind of Tegridy-Farms hash and im not disappointed at all these guys produce the best there is. I know its expensive but it is worth every penny spent i will buy again and again all Tegridy-Farms hash im in love ty cheebas for the excellent service anyone ask me for hash the first thing i say is go to cheebas they have the best and they have all price range there is on hash