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Meathead 7g Hybrid Tegridy Farms


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Product Description

Meathead is new to Cheebas and one of the first to be selected for the new Showcase Can collection that focuses on only the best available quad quality flower.

Each tin is 7 grams

Meathead strain, not that guy you know from high school, but the delicious rare evenly balanced weed with high THC levels and insane flavour. The name can turn some away but should not. This is a pungent dank diesel aroma that will make itself known in any room your smoke it in, apartment patio smokers are warned. Meatloaf crossed with Mendo Breath hits both mind and body giving off more energy than any meatloaf dinner you had with your nanna.

It's a sativa leaning hybrid, it won't knock you out but will leave you pleanty baked.

Leaving you in a relaxed state this is great for pain, fighting fatigue, depression and loss of appetite.




Mick Foleeee 2021-06-14 09:31:40

A new favourite! A really wild ride, I loved it and was able to get jsut as high on the second smoke! Highly recommended!

Hashy 2021-06-14 09:31:32

I'm a fan of all "meat" strains and this doesn't disappoint. I found the buzz to be very heavy, not suited to daytime if you want to get anything done but that's great on a rainy June afternoon.