Green Samurai 150mg THC Gummies Assorted Flavors


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Product Description

Green Samurai Gummies at Cheebas

150mg per bag, 6 x25 mg gummies. Assorted flavors. Ingredients sugar cane, corn syrup, water, fruit juice, citric acid, artificial flavors, grass-fed GMO free gelatin.



Jonathan 2021-01-10 08:02:59

Hit like I want! Pretty good gummies.

Kim 2020-12-31 03:43:01

These gummies are good. I prefer a higher dose so I do eat a couple or a few of them. Lol. Again...discreet way to take the edge off

Supernaturally 777 2020-12-29 09:43:13

Ate whole thing to experience fun Some THC taste company been around a while price spot on variety also agree Cheese has networked did there research and have even more choices so there are stronger and tastier but kick it old school go Samurai on an order there innovative not yet duplicate package fresh flip design great artwork

Og 2020-09-08 02:18:43

One of the best tears I’ve had. One gummy does fine.

Chet 2020-04-26 02:58:42

Got these in blue berry for my wife and ended up eating half on her so I ordered her two more packs in raspberry and fruit punch I believe yum yum.

TRev 2020-04-07 01:42:48

These things are good - taste great - get you high - pretty much they do exactly what you want them to do.

DMitchel 2020-03-29 12:09:35

they went fast

Snowgecko 2020-02-27 06:44:36

I like the Green Samurai gummies. They are a bit harder for me to dose because they are a higher dose per gummy then some others. Usually I take half to chill or a whole one and not leave the couch. They are reasonably priced too.

Synx68 2021-02-28 02:04:48

They were tasty, ordered more :)

Sean 2020-05-28 09:52:38

Good effect. So so taste.. blueberry

Shift smoker 2020-05-17 01:42:21

Very nice mid range gummy. Couple hr buzz good for company as you don’t get ass locked and still nice and functional. Good for the afternoons and doing stuff.

Julie 2020-07-03 12:43:05

Not my favorite, not strong enough and don't taste as good than others one pon this website

HUTCH 2020-11-04 02:19:17

Sadly, I had actually almost forgotten, that I had even tried these. I usually LOVE anything Grape flavoured too, but these hardly tasted like Grape in my opinion. Sorry guys, would not recommend the gummy bears.