Training Day
Training Day

Training Day


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Product Description

Training day is an Indica dominant strain that combines LA confidential and Trainwreck. Not exactly sure why they called it training day but its relatively high THC content is probably suitable for novice users trying to experience higher THC levels as "Training" 

This smoke is great! The high is strong and could put down an elephant for a nap. the only strike against this batch is that it's a bit dry. The price would be a level or two higher, but we discounted it for this reason. Enjoy :)



Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 08:55:44

Passed my Training! Felt both the LA & Train nice hybrid Taste 9.4 High 8,9 Buy if it comes back Looks 10 caked well trimmed bragging buds rare!!! TY Cheebas