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Tropicana Smash Melons Sift Hash

Sift Hash

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Product Description

The best of hand-made artisanal Sift Hash long appreciated for its terpene profile, potency, and how it completely melts and vaporizes.

The manufacture sent us the best of the lot to fill our shelves for our hash-loving customers. Tropicana Smash Melons is Sativa dominant hybrid and provides an intense euphoric and focused cerebral high. Sit back and enjoy, create just let your mind wander.




Smoker 2021-06-06 11:35:54

One of my favourite so far strong smell and taste sooo good thanks cheeba keep the amazing strains coming

Steve 2021-05-25 10:18:27

Oh my god. This is the one you should pick. You've been looking through all the different ones and trust me, this one slaps. The two strongest ones I've had, at least imo, were dry sift. I regret not buying an entire oz of this stuff with the 20% off coupon. The only reason I'm not a cheebas regular is the price, but this is one that imo is absolutely good. It isn't just the buzz which is nice, I can't even describe the taste other than terpy as hell and real terps. As soon as I opened the sealed bag it was like an explosion or smell in my bedroom LOL. I usually only open that shit in my smoking room. It was this one and another two, one of which also had a really strong standard hashish smell and was also great. I'll do a review on that one too. This one will be really tough to beat for me especially for what I paid. It's better than other more expensive ones I've had imo. Don't hesitate do it, you won't regret it.