Trunk FUNK


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Trunk Funk at Cheebas

Something to excite the experienced smokers out there.

White Tahoe Cookies and Do-Si-Do gives us Trunk Funk. This is a solid Indica and will lead to times that are deep talks with pals, pato sitting, and binge-watching. The THC punch will get your mind floating and the smell can be guessed by the name. Gassy, pine, and earthy.

Potent loaded with trichomes

THC at 20-22%





Squiddo 2020-11-23 01:25:33


Jig 2020-09-28 06:01:49

Trunk Funk! Smelly, as the name would imply - don't leave it in your car! haha my wife thought I smoked it INSIDE the house after I came in. So, be aware of the potent aroma. Very enjoyable strain with unique taste that is not bad, but I'm not going to list all the notes etc. because I'm just not that refined, I guess. I did find this weed to be particularly suited to listening to music with a smile. It seems like the ultimate concert/festival smoke. Too bad we are in the middle of a pandemic. I'll keep my eyes open for this and buy a decent amount when I spot it being available. Honestly, it really felt like a boutique strain, but again, I'm not that refined.

DougieMcSpliff 2020-07-23 09:17:00

Great stuff, crunchy

Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:15:54

PD is spot on 21.7% THC IND hybrid. Buy the smalls if on sale combo $125! 2 great strains meet in great buds! Looks 9 Scent 10 effects 8.75 Feel Durban poison & Lake Tahoe OG Superb high checks all boxes More introspective then social for my experience I got lazy! GSC & pine tar Kush fans indulge