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Product Description

Tuna from Tegridy Farms Quad Can Collection

A quick nod to our designer who crushed the tuna can design.

Tuna Kush or Tuna OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. There are Tuna strains out there that are overwhelming rotting tuna stench, this is not one of those. The aroma is a funky earthy skunk. Pleasant and not to run away from. This is a hybrid but has an intense indica experience. Starting with an onset of euphoria and a baby bit of energy, your mind starts to wander and morph into a dreamy peaceful state.

This balancing act with the high can lead most down the path to couch lock. A warm body dreaming stone on your favorite sofa. Sounds perfect.





AnonNB 2021-08-21 07:17:55

Amazing idea, I loved the can. Weed was fresh and kushy. Great buzz, will keep the can and use it for something later