Unicorn Hunter - LIVE RESIN Vape Pens - 1 gr


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Product Description

Unicorn Hunter Live Resin Pens

1.3 g of Premium Live Resin in a handy rechargeable pen. Live Resin is a favorite product among dabbers and people who vape. Discrete and packed with cannabinoids the potency of these pens can't be beaten.

Offered in 5 Strains

Purple Kush THC 93.98%

Death Bubba THC 93.98%

Pink Kush THC 93-98%

Zkittlez THC 93-98%

Chem Dawg THC 93-98%




cousin gripe 2021-05-31 09:59:36

am i a certified unicorn hunter now as I have been impaled by the unicorn horn. tried the death bubba flavour - 93 - 98% golden and smooth for a resin - metaphorical green goo came out of my eye sockets just like the picture on the box. very medicinal & can see why they sold out rite now...

Dave 2021-05-31 09:59:21

This is by far the best disposable pen I’ve found for the $. Hits hard beat of all works. It’s slim like a pencil and is appropriately priced. Only problem. They’re not in stock...... Please re order this brand. I’ll buy 24 immediately