Watermelon Zkittles
Watermelon Zkittles

Watermelon Zkittles


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Product Description

Watermelon is said to have an intense euphoric feeling with is very uplifting and energizing, something not normally found within the more traditional types of Indica strains.

The buds are prized highly for their superior yield and content of THC. People who medicate with this strain can experience the relaxing narcotic effects that it has, very useful for stimulating the appetite or using it as an aid to sleeplessness. As you may expect, the aroma of this strain is very distinctively watermelon with a little bit of grape thrown in. 



Coryjames 2020-11-04 08:04:09

Once again a premium product arrives in mere days. First time trying this variety and yup it smacked me upside my head. Thanks Cheebas

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:41:43

Had 1st time 2014 & avec Green lantern. This is better @ same price as then. Taste cukegumber grape Fanta 9.7 High 8.8 Looks & scent 10 Rare weed! Product description & Roberts in depth of smoothness & a respected hash Guy likes this...then Order it!

Robert 2019-11-04 11:13:04

I am a hash smoker, but every once in a while i like to change tastes. So i dabble with a bit green in between, steered by a friend while choosing my next green purchase we picked Watermelon. Bought 14 and friend and I split it, i hate green as i cant find a smooth draw and release until Watermelon. This is a very nice experience from my stand point, smooth going in and out , not harsh on the draw flavour is nice im not one of those who can define fruit flavours pine i think that is an individual's perception. All i can say about Watermelon is , smooth not harsh and very nice in what ever activity your involved with, its not really a melt into the couch green ( again individual's perception) . Very please with all but one of my choices from Cheebas , Gold Seal hash? sorry guys great value, but smells and tastes like a tire fire. Lol ( once again individual's perception)

mojojo 2019-04-13 11:00:41

I loved this strain. i have a hard time sleeping so when i smoke i prefer an indica, i found this to completely broke me down enough that i was able to fall a sleep as soon as the high started to ware off. the taste was also great, a little rough on the throat for me but totally worth it. i found it burned slow, and it wasn't a creeper either so i got a solid high from it.