Zig Zag Stamp Hash
Zig Zag Stamp Hash

Zig Zag Stamp Hash

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Zig Zag Hash at Cheebas

Another great domestically made hash from Cheebas. Other companies are saying this is imported from Lebanon but don't believe the hype. This is a domestically made hash done is a more imported hash style. The hash is malleable and easy to work with a packs a hybrid like buzz without too heavy of a couch locking effect.



Eric 2020-10-19 10:10:59

Wow man!! I renamed this Zig Zag Hash to Popcorn Hash!! Sweet and it tastes like popcorn.

Hangashore 2020-09-09 04:06:49

Top flight buzz for hash that priced mid-grade. Again Cheeba's comes through!

bt Louiseville Qc 2020-08-09 11:37:52

great hash and great for bts

Skeeter99 2020-07-10 10:05:47

Really nice smoke;; great, for everyday.

Rick 2020-07-08 09:56:49

Unique taste, smooth, and a decent feel good high. Good value for the buck.

Brandan 2020-06-25 01:54:54

this is good mid tear hash. If you can afford it buy the sift hash. this tastes ok and is nice and potent but still mid tear hash.

Chet 2020-02-26 12:44:27

Another great hash, soft and smooth. Great high very impressive

TropiCannibis Todd 2020-02-02 07:01:50

Zig Zag has a great look and feel ( excellent solid 8.5 ) and as to the smell and aroma and the flavour and taste again a real Solid 8.5 , great care was put into this one . It came on quick and was really balanced high, in terms of it being MidGrade I would even go as far as putting this on the top of Exellent MidGrade + plus .... **** Side note : the count I got was generous ( Thank you Cheebas)

SadClown 2020-01-10 01:50:27

Soft hash, easy to handle. I get a relaxing stone off of this one. It's a nice evening enhancer. Smoked in a pipe, goes down smooth.

Supernatural1971 2019-12-23 03:59:11

Reminds me of 70;s Afghan Gold black hash Love the Chitral taste 9.3 effects 8.2 looks & scent 10 Import could have fooled me Nice price chebas $13/g scene $17/g everywhere else love J'adore the Francais homme Zig Zag man Recommend!

Kathump 2020-10-08 04:17:11

Nice relaxing buzz. Goes down smoooth.

Mike 2020-10-08 03:31:30

Pretty good buzy hash, tasty and easy to work with, will buy again.

King Kanabis 2020-11-01 12:01:36

Great hash for the price. On the list to buy again.

Coverttech 2020-10-05 01:24:23

Not Bad for the price, unique taste

PedalNinja 2020-02-06 08:46:34

Nice feel between the fingers, smells good like sweet and earthy middle eastern hash, crumbles like it should too, but the taste isn't quite there for me personally, it's pretty good, i like it, but it's not as tasty as i hoped it would, if it tasted like it smells, then this would be top notch hash. it's good hash, but not great 8/10