Black Nukem Hybrid


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New Hybrid Alert!

After smoking a tester bowl, I noticed an upbeat sativa effect first. it's not hyper, but it's definitely a strain to buy if you smoke during the day. The tester was a wake'n' favorite. There's a productive focus that follows, great for doing housework (or writing reviews)


The lineage is a cross between Black Ice and Duke Nukem. This particular grower created this strain last year and now has enough mothers to start filling rooms. You'll be hearing lots more from this BC created new Hybrid. Cheeba's sells Black Ice and Duke Nukem strains and you can see and taste the similarities between all 3.

The buds are insane. Covered in crystals, the limey green is blanketed in dark purple with orange hairs throughout. The nose is like Adrian Brody- fucking huge!!! Sweet citrus of the Nukem takes centre stage, while the overall dankness lingers in the air. Good luck keeping this bag a secret!





Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 02:35:57

Starz update

Supernatural1971 2019-03-14 01:30:32

Amazing tastes 10 vanilla, buttery, Candy floss mmm, effects 10! Hybrid of year thus far! Black ice ok but Duke Nukem Fire gassy 10 Ice makes smooth smoke u get Nuked in a very pleasant sped up way! Effects strong, fast, athletic but I didn't move or notice 10 minutes go by. I smoked it 9 pm late nite + we go up a hour. Luv it AAAA 5* Reorder TY Shout out to grower!