CBD Key Sours 25mg CBD/candy Herbivore


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Product Description

Delicious and perfectly potent edibles- Fuzzy peaches!

6 Candies per pack 150mg CBD total


Herbivores Edibles makes a tasty Treat and market their stuff just like we would! Love these [email protected]#kin' guys!




Where have these guys been all my life?!? The packaging, product, and people at Herbivores Edibles are top shelf...it's a match made in Green Heaven!


25mg is a perfect dosage for the experienced user...if you're new to edibles, be careful with these...not for rookies


if you are looking for weed edibles that are potent, but not insanely potent, then try Key Sours! It's the very adult version of a childhood classic.


They taste just like the Sour Keys form 7-11...minus everyone's dirty hands picking thru the pile of them...wasn't that always gross??? Don't you hate repetitive jokes?





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