CBD Vape Cartridge Mango Shhhhh


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CBD Refillable Vape Tip For Sale

Buy CBD Vaporizer Online

37% THC 29%CBD .19%CBN

This tip will fit the standard vape pens you may have bought elsewhere...it's fairly universal

.5 ml (.55mg cartridge)

There is a lot of people looking to buy CBD vape pens online. We get a lot of interest, so Cheeba's now sells CBD Vape Pens in Canada.  Shh make a reliable pen, and their other strains have all been popular, many clients think Shh pens are the best for sale online. The rechargable pen is the way to go if you are committed to CBD in your health strategy.

You will get a buzz with this pen. It won't be as crazy as their other strains, but don't expect to be fully sober after smoking

This Mango pen is a great medicinal marijuana product. It is medicinal grade oil, and the right strain with an abundance of CBD naturally, and extracting it apart from the THC, only to infuse the THC back in. They did this stuff like a textbook, buy real medical weed online at Cheebas.

This product does not require a prescription, medicinal users are free to order right now :)

With the laws and regulations changing in Canada, more people who could really benefit from CBD are now feeling more comfortable trying it. You can buy medical marijuana online, Cheeba's has a wide range to real, high quality products for the medical market.

You do not need to go to the doctor and get a prescription at Cheeba's, we're here to help you right now!



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