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SKU: 13-54-92
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Product Description

Chiesel at Cheebas

I know why this strain flies off the shelves. It's a legit AAAA that's great for smoking during the day...take it from me ;)

Chiesel is grown by a master grower and it gives nearly a perfect high. You will feel happy and stupid for about an hour then it gradually takes you back to your starting point...no come down or tired feeling after smoking chiesel.

 Cheese x Diesel = a stinky potent uplifting strain!

This batch has that dank smell exclusive to Cheese. The high is a euphoric and focused Sativa-esque experience. You'll be able to do work, art, or just function while smoking Chiesel.

The high is not overwhelming, it's even and tameable all the way through.

The buds are light and fluffy- you'll be amazed at the volume in a 7g bag. Orange hairs cover the flower, as does a frosty coating. Great looking and smelling...almost too nice to burn.






Shawn 2022-05-14 02:37:38

Great day time smoke as a hit of cheese taste to the weed which is nice I enjoyed it good stuff once again ty

DougieMcSpliff 2020-04-22 11:30:42

Could use a touch more cheese, but that's what shakey parmesan is for. Solid effect and taste.

Kfc777 2020-04-09 11:32:56

Nice smoking and well worth the wait !! I will definitely be buying this again !!

Sir smokes a lot 2020-02-24 06:22:06

One of my favs hands down, it honestly smells like a Block of cheddar cheese. Fantastic smoke, flavourful, light and airy. I’m all about this stuff.