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Distilled THC

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Distilled is the purest form of THC and for sale at Cheeba's.


Short Path Distillation is the latest and greatest in the concentrates world.Cheeba's is selling the Distilled THC pills as fast as we can get them!

Available in 50mg or 100mg each size contains 98% pure THC

THE PRICE LISTED IS PER PILL!  We know it's expensive, but when new concentrates come on the market, they're always expensive (the equipment needed to make this stuff is very advanced) As such, be sure you know that this ride isn't cheap. It's great, and if you're a connoisseur, then it's worth it.

Short Path Distillation is a process which creates a clear distillate containing THC and CBD through heating and pressure. The distillation happens when the terpenes are separated from the cannabinoids which can then be reintroduced at a later time of the THC distillation process.

The distilled total cannabinoid potency can go above 99%. Most hydrocarbon or CO2-extracted concentrates range between 65% and 80%