Hindu Kush


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Hindu Kush is a classic strain, great for a body buzz



Hindu Kush is a worldwide strain that's used for hash quite often. The body buzz from the flower itself is strong, and when turned to hash- super strong!

If you don't like hash, but want that 'i'm in a hot tub' feeling, then try Hindu Kush


Great for pain, nausea, sleep, and stress



Al 2020-05-16 02:00:39

If you are looking for pure Indica, this is it. No need to smoke a gram, or half, or quarter of a gram. A tenth of a gram, or just a one hitter, and relaxation and quiet mind appear. Small doses are functional, not sure about high doses, likely sleepy time,

LuckLap 2020-03-04 09:11:33

I bought a baggie 10 month ago, smoke half of it. Found it amazing. Lost the baggie. My girlfriend found it 2 weeks ago, still as good as before somehow. Conclusion: this is a timeless strain.

OGKANE416 2019-10-19 01:10:06

Classic strain bring this fire back..HEAVY INDICA.