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Product Description

Illuminati Hash at Cheebas

Instead of what conspiracy theories you would expect to come from a hash with a name like this.  Illuminati hash is actually more of a fun loving and relaxing buzz. This is a soft Afgani import with a glossy shine on the outside of the bricks that has that traditional oxidized black exterior with a dark brown gooey interior. 



Eric Alie 2021-01-09 03:04:01

This is some pretty cool hash! It reminds me of the hash I would get back in the 1990’s. I finally found it!!!! Been trying different hashes until I find that special brand I was looking for! Thanks Cheebas for the wide inventory of hash that we can choose from!! This is the best site in the world!!

Rana 2020-10-04 07:46:16

Really liked this hash a lot! It has a nice smooth, soft texture. My favorite type of hash is the soft, dark and malliable type so I definitely plan on getting a larger quantity of this one. Nice head and body buzz.

Supernatural1971 2020-08-19 06:35:39

Where Mart left off... Did it come with the covered eye stamp? Love this # 10 all boxes flavor, smokes, taste& Smells Divine! Effects Makes u feel Great! Yes Very Fun! Recommend, re-order How many Illuminati members have contracted C-19? None cuz there is not one! i ponder how College Illumnai got its name oh Latin u say

Mart 2020-07-24 03:03:28

LK 2020-06-14 01:02:27

Definitely agree with the other reviews. It's fantastic. I usually put in joints so very easy to work with. Not too heavy so I can smoke throughout the day!

trailman 2020-02-22 04:53:50

Nice and soft, easy to work with and the best part it taste great and the effects are up there with the best. Cheebas keeps giving us surprise after surprise....appreciated.

sqg 2020-05-08 10:48:02

got a nice smoke off of this but it didn't contend with the premo camel or the red leb. good smoke, but I've started adding to joints instead of smoking on its own.

hashman 2020-09-14 05:56:01

For that price I expect much more from That one ...disaspointed ... ,breaking good and good for the joint but the point is the taste much afghan taste i prefer more sweet like coffee (cream chocolat)my opinion the IWC are little better but again all are different. i bought 7 gr ....put the rest on the side for the hard day..i will try some here but in low quantity (1gr) to be sure of my choice for my next order!!

Normexpress 2020-10-20 02:18:15

Buzz to light for me will try something else