King Louie XIII

King Louie XIII


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Product Description

If The American Second Amendment is for keeping the Queen of England out of your face, then Canada's Bill C-45 is for getting King Louie in your lungs! 


This regal strain lives up to its douchey name, King Louie XIII is legit! Indica leaning hybrid with big dense buds covered in sugar that will make an connoisseur blush.


...Who needs more of a description than a good joke?




BCLuke 2019-03-14 01:27:57

This is the strain you have been looking for! 10/10on smell and taste 10/10 on trim and cure 10/10 on buzz. 1 joint of this will get 5 people lit as a Christmas tree!

Supernatural1971 2019-02-20 12:05:27

looks 10 taste 9 regal like, smokes pure white ash. Effects hits 22% THC Indica Kush feel I guess Kings bread 20% THC x Royal Gorilla 19% THC Pricy yet unique rare Great smoke! I Kneeled must try recommend reorder 4 a Royal treat like DQ

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