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LA Confidential


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    $154.00 ($5.50/Gram)

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Product Description

LA Confidential is great for medicinal purposes 

This is a hall of fame strain made popular by artists and celebrities but that shouldn't matter, it is an amazing strain that should be on your list of strains to smoke. It is a strong indica that will leave you with a comfortable body buzz with a psychedelic twist. This can be too much for new smokers and heavily sedating if you overindulge.

Dense buds, deep green with orange hairs and covered in crystals. Earthy, sweet pine aroma with a smooth exhale. One puff and you'll have a new favorite. Simply a great batch grown by farmers who know their craft.



Bayern 2021-06-29 11:52:53

he grower did a very good job maybe rushed the cure but that always happens, very good bud sizes, potent and true taste to the strain

trees 2020-11-26 02:22:56

amazing fresh taste and smell, with a killer heavy high. starts more euphoric with a definite change in perception and bit of tunnel vision effect. ultra heavy long lasting body high follows. Reminds of GDP but more narcotic as the high progresses.

Mathieu 2020-09-16 02:19:23

What can I say about the L.A Confidential Strain? It has a pretty potent level of THC. The smell is awesome, and it will definitely relax your body and mind.

Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 02:35:32

LA * update

Hughie 2021-02-15 02:13:30

Not the pheno of LA Confidential I am familiar with, buds were various sizes, hard but brittle. Nice aroma, hashy with a bit of pine, really nice flavor in a joint. Good daytime Indica, little to no couch lock, this one is good for Crohn's disease.

BillyDaGeezer 2020-11-29 01:05:59

I have been craving Grape LA forever So when this came up I had to have it. It’s damn good it’s not Grape LA good but this is a strain high on my top 10 list for so many reasons Top notch pain Killer Not a true couch lock but it will leave you sitting as long as you want The smoke it made burned to a nice white ash I get an earthy, berry, peppery thing happening from it Had a few great naps after smoking just under half a joint Definitely helps ease up my lower back and pelvis pain I love this strain it has never let me down and this stuff is A high quality representation of what Good LA Confidential should be. 4.7/5 is what the Geezer scores this beautiful flower.

Supernatural1971 2019-03-14 01:30:58

Who ordered the double sausage & mushroom? 2 more cokes like a high skewl confidential song comes in my head. I had this strain few times & x Chanel Kush & Grizzly. This hits nicely 9 effects smokes 8 bud appeal 8 dense yet sprouting smoke me, taste 7 like the white family scent 9 lemony overall AAA 4* taste 5* effects High is more important ! Sativa fans can enjoy! Nice dry eyes, luv it California dreaming on such a winters day if I was in LA...Please private this review Confidentially La