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Live Resin

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Live Resin- Pink Tingle For Sale Online

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pro tip- run the jar with lid on under warm's a bitch to get off otherwise!

Want to find something that helps your social skills? How about a great Sativa live Resin? The creative euphoria that follows hitting this live resn through a rig will leave you amazed at what you just smoked.


Smoke this to hang out with people,, or stay in and work on a project. Either way, Purple Tingle gives you that sativa fix, and lasts for ages.

Purple Tangerine Live Resin a spin on the citrus-loaded Tangie sativa, Purple Tangie is a flavorful strain that invigorates the spirit with uplifting euphoria. In a show of its quality, Purple Tangie took 1st place in the “Best Medical Sativa Concentrate” category at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. You may find that Purple Tangie offers an energetic kick to your social skills, but this strain can certainly be enjoyed in isolation, especially when you’re occupied by creative projects.