Cheat Sheet for Growers

Here is a breakdown of every step of growing marijuana. These are the notes I took over one year as I studied growing. It was a great expereince, but came with much heartache and expense. The small-batch hybrid I made was fantastic, but was it worth all that time? The quality was outstanding, but that could be because I knew all the effort that went into making the finished product.

If you give this a try, be very careful with the lights. They are very powerful and produce a dangerous amaount of energy.

Mother Plants

‘Mother’ plants are the key to product supply. They are the strongest plants from initial seed cultivation. Once these plants have matured for two (2) months, cuttings or ‘clones’ (3-6mm) are taken off the strongest branches and grown themselves as a genetic replica of the original ‘mother’ plant. This process can be repeated for the lifespan of the plant (up to 1 year), a resulting clone may be grown to become another ‘mother’ plant to retire the original.

Thousands of flowering plants will be derived from the Mother plants for the cost of the initialseeds. The Mother Room is the same environment (temperature and humidity) as well as the same lighting schedule as the Vegetative (Veg) growth room- eighteen (18) hours on/ six (6) hours dark. Temperature ranges between 22C- 28C, humidity between 40%- 50%. Lighting will be from a Metal Halide bulb -bluer in spectrum to mimic Spring sunlight intensity.

Clone Room

Clones are very small (6” tall) and do not require intense light or heat, only increased humidity. A fully enclosed grow tent will house trays of clones under twenty-four (24) hour florescent tube lighting. Temperature ranges between 22C- 28C, humidity between 75%-85%. One 4’ x 8’ grow tent will be enough room to maintain up to 800 clones.

Flower Rooms

The latter stage of a plants life cycle is when the flowers, or ‘buds’, begin to develop. The plants can grow to 5’ tall and occupy 1 sq./ft. of growing space. An industry recognized standard approximation of dried yield is 1lbs./ 16’ of grow space (Cervantes, Ch. 5, harvest). A 1000W High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb on a light mover will power the each 16’ of growing area. There will be four (4) 25’ x 35’ Flower rooms. Each room will have 875 sq./ft. of growing area. Deduct 20% for walkways and fans, and there is 700 sq./ft. dedicated to flowering marijuana plants. The maximum yield expected from 700 sq./ft. of growing space is expressed in lbs. by applying the standard unit of measure to the total area (minus space for walkways and equipment)- 700/ 16 = 43.75lbs.

Life Cycle

There will be a ‘perpetual yield’ cycle in place to accommodate more frequent harvests, as well as optimize total growing area. Clones will be taken from mother plants continuously, allowing for ample plants in each stage of growth. A plant stays as a clone for two (2) - three (3) weeks, then into the vegetative growth stage for four (4) weeks and finally into flowering for eight (8) weeks.

Based on the perpetual cycle and the four (4) Flower rooms, Western Grass will harvest one room every two (2) weeks for an approximate total of 88.5lbs/month. Each flower room will accommodate 400 plants (9 plants/16’) (9*43.75). At peak capacity there will be 1600 flowering plants. To support that figure there will need to be 800 plants in the Veg room with another 800 clones. To support the supply, a min of 40 mother plants must be maintained. The building specifications will accommodate these figures.

Pest/pollutant control

Cleaning products


Soilless Medium



Vegetative growth