How To: Join The High Club

Ok so what does it take to get the most enjoyable experience?


Best not to have any expectations and just give it a feel and trust the plant.

Here are a few pointers to join the HIGH club and Fall in Love with Cannabis.



1.  Pick a Product that intrests you or write to us if you need help.


2.  Be Prepared not to get HIGH,- best is to start slowly work your way up to see what feels best. For example, dont eat the whole damn gummy right away although you will be tempted, this plant will overpower you.


3. Hydrate well- your mouth will feel dry and your body will get dehydrated so prep some Gatorade and tasty drinks.


4. Dont Mix weed with Alcohol, give the plant a chance on its own and you may just fall in love with the feeling without having to wake up with a hangover like from booze!


5. Order Food delivery- you will likely get the craziest munchies for absolutely everything so make sure you have healthy snacks at home especially when you are trying to stay fit. Everything tastes so damn good at that point, even vegies taste like never before!


6. Clear Your Schedule- You will feel lazy and sexy so plan some fun movie to watch or have the best sex of your life with a partner. Trust me!


7. Choose the right environment and people to enjoy  weed with- Dont smoke in the office or a place where you are alone. Invite someone who is experienced to guide you and laugh your face off for the evening.


8. Know Your Limits - just like with booze, again, start slow and enjoy the buzz. Dont worry we have plenty of weed to choose from so go ahead try it all!. 


                          FALL IN LOVE OVER and OVER again.