Medicated Bath Salts


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Product Description


They put weed in everything these days.

These Bath Bombs are luxury in a tub.



I know what you're thinking, it looks more like a pipe bomb than a bath bomb. The reason is the shipping...they first had them in the traditional ball look- but that sucks for Xpresspost envelopes. Talk about problem-solving!



Amazing product! Now the person writing this is a dude; as such, my experience with bath bombs has been limited. I'm now a convert to these things! It's like bathing in silk...the deep moisturizing leaves your whole body soft and silky smooth (Zohan reference for the win!)


1 tube = 1 bath bomb per order


Available Colours:

Green for sore muscles

purple for a love spell

pink for happiness

blue for sweet dreams

...I'm sure that's just marketing non-sense, but request the colour in the checkout comment section :)

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