Disposable CO2 Vape Pen Pineapple or Blueberry

Disposable CO2 Vape Pen Pineapple or Blueberry


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Product Description

Pineapple CO2 Vape Pen For Sale

If you want a different oil in a disposable pen, then you found it! Most pens are distilled THC, which is great- but not always the right choice for an evening.

CO2 oil is a more expensive, cleaner concentrate that gives the high from the bud itself...people find the distilled to all be the same...good but not exactly the same as a strain specific pen.

Pineapple has been a hot seller lately...people love the potency, not too strong for daytime use, but enough \'pop\' to get you thru the mundane monotony of weekday life...do ahead, buy this- you\'ll thank yourself  mid-week while bored stupid at the office ;)


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