Purple Kush


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Product Description

A good harvest of a classic! This PK will wind you down after a long day. Fun and relaxed, Purple Kush is sure to take the pain away.

It doesn't look too purple, or dark for the matter, but the smoke is legit! Too legit to quit! Hammertime, baby!

Pure Indica Hybrid - Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani

The flavour has the typical pungent, earthy smell that you expect with all Kush strains. Purple Kush Shatter is great for relieving body pain, stress, and curing insomnia. Or if you want to hit a few dabs and hibernate for 12 hours.

When smoked, the flowers have a simultaneously fruity and hash-like odor and smoke, which can sting sinuses and bring about heavy coughing. On the exhale, smoke from Purple Kush has a sugary grape-like taste that may remind some of sweet dessert wine or purple cough syrup. 

Unlike some hybrids that start off with a disorienting head high that melts into a slow sense of calm, Purple Kush eases users straight into physical relaxation. Although there may be some mental effects, they have more of a psychedelic, distorted nature than a cerebral one. Smokers may appreciate the calming effects of music or of tactile surroundings. Rather than stimulate hyperactive thoughts and sharp focus, however, this strain is more likely to bring about a state of dopey contentedness




Mar 2019-07-08 07:32:31

Very nice buds great to smoke, would buy again for sure.