Ricki New GSC Hybrid


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Product Description

Here's a new Cheeba's exclusive! Ricki will turn you Timmy!

This is a local strain that went away from the 'cookie' lineage. It's a good hybrid smoke that leaves you with a legit head buzz (the body high is very noticeable too)

The other parent is itself a bit of a new cross strain, so it's hard to define the lineage at this point- all I know is this shit smokes right! Definitely worth a shot if you're looking for a new BC bud strain



Sunbaked 2018-12-12 04:22:41

Originally took a chance on ordering this, (as if, because everything from Cheeba's is great! but I'd never heard of it before), and I'm really loving the strain. Makes me a little chatty but also feels quite uplifting and positive. I've now ordered this product twice and it will definitely be an ongoing contender for my future purchases. Debated on giving a positive review because I want the whole batch for myself!