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Ay, Here's The Rub!

New supplier with awesome, fine rub- made from Wild Fire!

I want to try the flower cause this stuff is amazing!


1 gram of The Holy Grail for $15!

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Oh yes friends, we got it! The holy grail of weed, finger rub is the best part of trimming! As the plants get processed (trimmed and removed from the stems etc) the fingers of those handling the plant get sticky and covered in trichomes. Hence 'finger' rub.


Nowadays, the grows are huge and the trimming is done by machine, so this particular stuff was collected from the trimming machines. Same thing as on the finger, just waay easier

The bud is so sticky at harvest that it’s almost like tree sap- you can’t help but collect a bunch of this stuff. The thing is, everyone wants to smoke it. And that’s part of the bonus to trimming- but we got it!

The high is clear, cerebral, clean and motivated. This won’t put you down in a coma at first smoke…let’s find out about round 2…

…2 hours later…still buzzing along nicely, but a reload anyways (for science) and I became much groggier and feeling like Simple Jack.

This stuff is collected from the machine trimmers. It’s different than the Kief which is collected from sieve bags in a different, later stage. The Rub is the trichomes that fall off the bud.