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Product Description

Buy Skywalker Before it's Gone!

This Skywalker is that new strain we came across that I just love. It's amazing. The cerebral high is electric, it floods over you 10 minutes after you smoke. Maybe longer...it's also a time-warp.

The bud looks unassuming at first but when sampling it, I was stoned like I was a kid again! I felt hypnotized at whatever I was doing and impressed with myself by still being mobile.

There are phases to this strain. The first part of the experience is like fireworks in your mind. The second stage is more hypnotic and complacent.  You start off thinking you can/should/will do something, but you'll end up on the couch. Aim for leaving yourself a voice memo for a laugh later.

Skywalker is a great value for an incredible indica. You should try this one now!

Cheeba's strikes again with wicked smoke!





Gringo 2021-04-19 03:34:44

This actually gets you super high, it danks hefty, and it’s nicely dense. Superb indica strain for a couch lock high.

Basement Caveman 2020-08-21 04:30:55

Wow. This is the one awesome smoke. I don't even like to compare it to my one first true love White Fire (Wi-Fi). Smokes nice and hits hard quickly. No Jedi mind tricks here. A+++ 5 STARS! Cheebas for the win!

Long 2020-07-26 07:40:17

I tried it during Star Wars, was perfect ;)

Michelle 2020-07-07 01:17:12

Really smooth smoke. I prefer heavier indicas so if that is you this is a good option. The buds are small & not the most attractive BUT the actual smoke was phenomenal. Glad I tried out some different strains, thanks as well for the gift!

Chet 2020-06-02 06:47:53

One of the best strains I have tried. Top 5 of all the strains I have tried and I have tried many. Maybe top 3

Al 2020-05-24 01:02:33

Had some skywalker hash from cheebas, which was great, so tried the flower. I prefer not to smoke bud, but hash is difficult in the vape. You end up with smoke to get get hash to release vapour as have to go above 220c. This flower was perfect Indica.

Jig 2020-05-10 11:29:55

This one is going up in my top 3 along with Platinum OG and Triple X. Great for getting to sleep and enjoying your night quite a bit before then. Appropriately, many many hours of Star Wars has been watched on it, and I felt like it enhanced the experience without making me stare blankly at the screen. Watch out as many of my good thoughts seem to come out clumsy on this stuff, maybe relegate Skywalker to hangs with people who are also high or won't poke fun at your nonsense. Hah!

Chove 2020-04-07 05:51:34

Love this shit, one of my fav buds for sure. Great buzz. Ty

HighImAdam 2019-10-09 12:27:03

Very good, smells looks and taste's amazing! strong bud not harsh at all.

Mario 2019-09-21 12:37:09

Amazing strain, very smooth smoke and really good buzz, don't expect to do much after smoking this, this will sit you down until your ready for bed and get a great night sleep

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 08:56:51

Must try strain! All IND & OG fans will enjoy! Has a long tolerance to it & even with all the variety you will miss it ( I frequently miss purple Kush ) High 8.4 Taste 9 looks unique smoke me 10 Other reviews + Cheebas great description are spot on Priced more then fair Buy Recommend I will smoke again!

Norm 2019-07-02 05:45:57

my new favorite as well! also works well with concentrate additions

Sean 2019-06-18 12:09:47

Excellent strain! Helps immensely with pain and anxiety.

Rev James dudeist 2020-06-05 12:42:51

I've tried a few star wars themed pots. This one is the least impressive.

kailedude 2019-12-08 01:33:02

tasted like a "Lemon Haze" was alright for the deal but it's not the kind for me.