Sour Tangerine  Sativa

Sour Tangerine Sativa


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Product Description

Try Orange Tangerine for a Medicinal Daytime Smoke

Buy Sativa Medicinal Marijuana Online in Canada


This Sativa hybrid is great for a body buzz and uplifted cerebral high. When you want a strong sativa, sometimes it can be a little jittery. There's a racy, 'i'm too high' moment that can hit with sativas. This Sour tangerine gives you an uplifted high, but not too much. Just enough for daytime smoking if you have things to do.

A real dank fuel smell with this batch. It's a well-grown crop, and it tastes and smokes perfect, but that smell is more dank than usual. If you love that sort of aroma, try the Locomotion.

Orange Tangerine is the sativa strain for the user who wants the body high without the sedative effects more common in medicinal indica strains. Buy this weed for day time smoking, then try some skywalker for when you get home! The two make a great 1-2 combo :)


There's about 1%CBD along with 17% THC








HighImAdam 2019-10-09 12:27:01

A nice smooth taste, really good high excellent for day use.

zopep 2019-06-07 11:29:35

Has a strong smell but tastes kinda citrusy , smooth on the throat and the high is easy going and consistent , good for daytime and good for arthritis relief , Thanks Cheebas

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