Strawberry Skunk
Strawberry Skunk

Strawberry Skunk


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Product Description

Strawberry Skunk a sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between a couple of skunks that were chosen for their strawberry aroma and flavors. This is close to a balanced hybrid so you can go out, wake and bake, get some weekend chores done all while living in with a motivated cerebral high, clear focus without any anxiety that can come from a strong sativa.

An amazing example of a quality product delivered by farmers who know their business and appreciate their customers.



Roberto Simone 2020-12-06 01:16:03

Strawberry baby!! Love the flavour in this one, description hits the nail dead on the head!

Frank B Qc 2020-12-03 06:10:21

Yes, it really taste and smell like strawberry. Yes, I'm in love with those buds.

Supernatural777 2020-11-23 01:25:46

Pricy treat but if u admire Pepe Le Pew as much as I do then Worth it! Aroused and smoking LA chocolate/ chocolope u feel passionate and romantic. Creative content high 9.6 taste fresh strawberries hint of table cream. My newest favorite TY Cheebas and growers with pride... opposite of government crap only care bout bottom line not effective Recommend repeat blessings!