2 oz Psoriasis Body Butter Green Therapy

2 oz Psoriasis Body Butter Green Therapy


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Product Description

Please note: This is a 2oz container of body butter

A great psoriasis cream with arnica, Goodbye Body Butter by Green Therapy is a superior choice to over-the-counter psoriasis medication with it's blend of essential oils, natural herbs, and homeopathic ingredients. 

Personally, a have a nagging bit of eczema on my finger, I've tried every sort of moisturizer or product and finally went to a doctor for prescription strength cream. It happens monthly and the medication has been working fine. Until it ran out.

I wouldn't have thought to use a marijuana infused topical lotion for psoriasis, but it was on hand (pun intended) and I needed relief. I can't say that it was as effective as the prescription strength cream, but I was impressed how well it worked! It took 2 application to the affected area, and the dry, cracked skin healed up fast.

The manufacturer insists that success like I had for eczema has been reported by people suffering from psoriasis.



Lucidcat 2019-06-04 11:24:30

I have used this on my winter dry skin & it works really well. I would recommend this product.

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