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I like to maintain product control the good old fashioned way- testing. I came across the tuna bin and noticed it hasn't moved as it should.

I packed a bowl of this shit and got my episode of PTI ready to go. 21 minutes later I realize I've had a conversation with myself for that whole time. Had I not snapped out of it; all the world's problems would surely have been solved.

So I put those two whiny old men on pause and decided to actually make good use of the testing session.

This Tuna is a great heavy Indica hybrid that causes easy giggle fits, helps to forget about a long day, and just have a good time

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Dog29 2019-02-15 05:05:50

Excellent indica, amazing price. Nice taste, great smell and nice size buds too. For indica the couch lock isn't too bad either. Great buzz that hits quickly and is fairly long lasting. Only better tuna I have had was pink tuna or black tuna. This will always be high on my list of favourites no pun intended.

Danielle 2019-01-22 10:16:37

Nice high had lots of energy good for getting stuff done around the house no crash come down

Skakidd 2019-01-15 11:45:22

It took a while for the flavour to become nice but this is a very oddly satisfying savoury full bodied tasty strain. I couldnt imagine getting these flavours from smoking a flower. The high sucked me in to a powerful mellow but if interrupted i was ready to go. Not too cerebral (nice) 8/10 would recommend.

Benjamin 2018-12-19 05:38:28

Very good ,very tasty kush. Package arrived labled tuna kush ?? Whatever. .. Tastes like really kushy floor cleaner, not in a bad way. It's pretty decent, although the ashes are still grey. This is my favorite weed strain from cheebas so far.