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Cheeba's is proud to offer our clients the finest organically grown marijuana. With all the nutrients and growers out there, it's hard to find a strain that was legitimately grown organic.

This particular grower religiously uses Blue Sky Organics. While there is not a certifying body to designate marijuana as 'certified organic', all nutrients and products used to create White Castle are; you know the strain is what you want when Grown with Blue Sky Organics!

White Castle is a variation of the classic White Widow and Nirvana's strain 'Ice'. The result is an Indica dominant hybrid that will melt time like Dali's Clocks, after an initial energetic, talkative high. 

Very strong Indica you should only smoke when on or near a bed.

The high lasts for a long time and leaves you relaxed, happy, and ready to hibernate.

A strain that's hard to come across, totally worth a shot!

Nice buds in the quarter packs, medium size and has that crunch sound when you break 'em.

Some gram bags are popcorn buds- so we throw in a bit extra. Popcorn is great, it's all flower and works great for pipes and bongs.

Learn what goes into these plants here: www.bluesky-organics.com



Matthew 2019-05-28 05:49:49

Really nice taste very smooth good high.. will re order